14th SEP 2015

It's been a lo(oooo)ng process writing, recording and finishing our debut album, titled "Mind Grind Paradigm", but as of a few days ago - September 11:th 2015 (exact date may vary slightly depending on location) - it was made available to the world!

To get your physical copy of the CD, please visit your local record store (and ask them to order it if they don't already have it in stock). It can also be purchased through most large online stores such as Amazon, CDON, CD Universe, HMV (Japan), and even on eBay, to name a few...

Of course you can also contact the band directly to get your very own signed copy!

Unfortunately, the company that was supposed to make sure that the album was available for online streaming (mainly via Spotify, iTunes, etc) somehow failed to do so on the official release date.

Therefore, as a LIMITED TIME OFFER you can listen to the FULL ALBUM on BandCamp.


10th SEP 2015

We are certainly overwhelmed by everything that's being said about us by complete strangers who have never heard us before, mainly in webzines, music blogs, websites, etc. We really couldn't be happier. Here's a few examples why;

Ragherrie (Dutch metal platform) - "'Impressive' is the right word to describe it this record" ... "Truly innovative in terms of composition, but that is not all; the implementation is of an absurdly high level..." [translated] (Score: 86/100)

Crossfire (German metal site) - "...speed and punch is so fast that it makes you go out of breath" [translated] (Score: 7/10)

Taste of Khaos - "Human Desolation is a band that needs a following and these guys can be big" ... "A tight band. They border to the point on technical death with mostly melodic influences..."
(Score: 4/5 and also featured as a "Spotlight on bands we really like")

Metal Militia - "Without a doubt, it is a band that deserves to be closely monitored." [translated]

Furthermore, do we need to remind you that TOMORROW is the OFFICIAL RELEASE date of our brutal debut album "MIND GRIND PARADIGM"?! It can be purchased or ordered via most stores worldwide, both physical and online, as well as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and many other digital services...

Lastly, don't miss our latest YouTube video; a three minute promo clip briefly telling the story behind the concept of your favorite band, Human Desolation:

19th JUL 2015

Cool shit has happened since last time for sure; first off we've gotten two excellent reviews on the upcoming album, read them here:

VarietyOfDeathZine - "Human Desolation are a very great sounding progressive and melodic death metal band" (Score: 8/10)

Headbanger Reviews - "'Mind Grind Paradigm' was a amazingly solid album that I would suggest to any fan of melodic death as Human Desolation brings a little fresh air to the genre without straying too far from what us fans know and love..."

...and there's more to come in the shape of a fe surprises that we cannot reveal just yet.

25th JUN 2015

...both a distribution deal with Nordavind Records / Plastic Head (PHD) as well as promotion/PR with Against PR. This is a huge step in the bands career, and ultimately it means that the new album, Mind Grind Paradigm will be released THIS YEAR! We cannot reveal exactly when at this point, but it won't be long until you can possess your own copy both digitally and physically!

Also, in case you've missed it (since it's been a while since the last update), HuDes has released a five song EP titled Realm of Silence on Spotify and iTunes among a few other platforms a few months back. This release also featured a music video for the song Illusion Harvest which can be seen above.

As you can see, this website has also been given a gorgeous facelift by our almighty graphics designer Gustavo Sazes (for abstrata.net).

9th OCT 2014

Dear everyone,

Hello again! It's been a while since the last update here on the website. This due to various reasons such as changes at the web hosting service provider as well as, frankly, a lack of time from our end. Anyhow, hopefully most of you have stayed in touch with us via Facebook, but for those of you who havent; fret not - we're still here! In fact, we're here now more than ever before...

In short, we've finished the new album, including artwork, promo material and pretty much everything connected to the whole process. The promo CD/package has been printed and is about to be shipped off to labels in hope to score a good deal, so that we can bring our new opus upon the hungry metal masses of the world.

Also, this website is awaiting updated artwork and will have a proper facelift before too long!

So in the meantime, please enjoy this video of the song "Förfrusen" (a Swedish version of the song "Frostbite" taken from the upcoming album), and check back regularly for updates from now on as things are finally starting to snowball once more!

1st APR 2014

As stated earlier, the album production is now finally finished. A short teaser from the mastering session is available on our YouTube Channel, containing a few audio clips from three of the new songs - in other words; DEFINITELY worth a look!

25th MAR 2014

Yes, you read that right! All the audio-related elements of the production are done. The album was mastered yesterday by legendary Mats 'Limpan' Lindfors at Cutting Room in central Stockholm.

Joining in during the session was guitarist Fredrik Danielsson and our extremely talented mixing engineer Oscar Ammer at Echobox Studio. A surprise visit was also made by recording engineer Joy Deb at DebMusic.

All that remains now is adding the final touches to the artwork, printing the 5-track Promo CD, sending it out to labels and keeping our fingers crossed for a good record deal with someone who believes in us enough to go the extra mile and, all in all, do a helluva job at album distribution and tour planning, etc!

L to R: Joy Deb, Mats 'Limpan' Lindfors, Fredrik Danielsson, Oscar Ammer

14th FEB 2014

It so happens that on this special day Daniel and Miika laid down the final bass lines for the new album, and we are therefore one step closer to finishing the production. A huge KUDOS to both of them for their hard work!

To celebrate, we would like to share with you this short video from the promo photo session on December 3:rd last year:

28th NOV 2013

Yes, you read that right folks. Some of you may already know that our original bass player, David Green, quit the band a few months ago. While we won't go too deep into the details, we feel obligated to tell you that it was his own decision based on the fact that we simply weren't on the same page anymore. No hard feelings at all, we're still very good friends and we proudly consider him a big part of the former version of Human Desolation.

Surely we'll give you a more detailed story at some point...

...but NOW, let us proudly introduce our brand new member;
bass virtuoso Daniel "Dr. D" Severinsson!

We'd like to make this official by sharing a performance video of our classic song "Serum" for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

- And if you haven't already, please LIKE us on Facebook and drop us line to welcome him yourself - he'd love that!

6th NOV 2013

...eventhough it may not always seem like it, were working hard "behind the scenes" and we even have a few surprises in store for y'all.

Not much else to say right now, but do not for one second think that we're idling - you'll see before too long, rest assured!

3rd SEP 2013

Wow, where to begin? Let's see; as usual, in a sense a lot of things has happened, but in another, well, not so much.

As far as the album goes:

Behind the curtains we've been keeping ourselves busy, at times very much so. However, they're mostly details that while they definitely add to the mix, few of them are worth mentioning as they're unlikely to be noticable to anyone who's not involved with the recording of the album.

To give you a little update though, we are days away from getting the finished material from our recording engineer, Joy Deb, to hand over to our mixing engineer, Oscar Ammer at Echobox Studio. This is a big step and the whole process will most likely be a lot faster once the transfer is done.

In other news:

We are sad to inform you that David left the band a few months ago, leaving the spot as bass player vacant. We did end on very good terms and there were no hard feelings involved as he merely felt that his time was due. It is a decision that we all respect, and we wish him the best of luck with his future endeavours.

We chose to look at the whole thing from the bright side and are currently having auditions. We are aiming to fill the spot as soon as possible and while we don't want to speak too soon, we can assure you that so far it's looking great and we have absolutely no doubt that we'll be a fully functioning band way before the album hits the stores.

Well, that's about it for now. Wish us luck, and start preparing to get desolated!

29th MAY 2013

That's right, the third and last episode of our studio diary is available on YouTube. This one covers the final pieces of the recording process, such as acoustic guitars, re-amping, and vocals. We hope you'll enjoy it. We are however discussing releasing a fourth "non-official" episode, featuring all the outtakes, behind the scenes, and a few of the clips that for different reasons didn't make the cut but are still important/funny enough for us to want you to see.

As far as the recording process goes, let's say; we're still working hard on it. Sorry for not keeping you updated, but there's not much interesting stuff going on at the moment to tell you the truth, only the final edits and tweaks... anywho, rest assured we'll keep you posted about the important bits!

In the meantime... enjoy this:


5th FEB 2013

...of our long awaited STUDIO DIARY! It covers mostly the guitar and bass tracking sessions, although not all of it. If you're following the progress of our album and are eagerly awaiting it's release, this is definitely worth a look. In the next episode (due within a few weeks) you'll also get to see the guitar "Re-Amping" session along with some vocals etc.

In other news, we'd like to announce a formal apology to all of you committed fans who are following our progress. We know that the album is long overdue, but please rest assured that we are working hard to make it see the light of day as soon as possible. We do feel, however, that we owe you all some info on what the future most likely will look like;

First off, the album will be preceeded by a 4 or 5 song EP/Sampler. Unfortunately this will not be released properly and therefore not available online and in stores as a physical copy, at leaset not to begin with. This is due to it being mainly a promo that we print only a few hundred copies of in order to send to labels, etc. The reason to this, in short, is that we want to score a deal with a lablel who's willing to distribute it for us. That, in turn, is because we need someone to make sure it's available in stores around the globe. In other words, essentially, to make sure You can get your copy, wherever you may live.

Don't worry though, those of you who have been promised a copy will get one, and there will be ways that you can get hold of the EP too. But more importantly, here's where You can help us! We need to spread the word of our existence, and we're dependent on You, our fans, to help us do that! So tell your friends to tell their friends, and so on... and if all goes well that will speed up the process of making our debut album available to the masses!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anything.

And in the meantime - here's the new clip;


21th DEC 2012

Ok fellow inhabitants of planet earth, since we're all still here it seems this whole Mayan "global death sentence" was blown a tiny bit out of proportion, wouldn't you say?

Either that, or...
- it could also mean that you haven't heard any of Human Desolation's new songs yet!

As stated in yesterdays news update (posted below), different unfortunate circumstances has delayed the release of our album. For this we are truly sorry and hope you feel that we haven't let you down... although, since we did more or less promise you something new on this historic day of "2012-12-21", we are proud to present to you the following:


RELEASE NOTE: This is a "pre-release" of the song Illusion Harvest by Human Desolation. It is NOT the final version of the song, but merely a demo/preview of what is yet to come. Therefore the sound quality is not perfect and details of the song may change slightly on the album version!


20th DEC 2012

As you may have noticed, tomorrow is the 21:st of December 2012 (depending on your current whereabouts and, of course, when you are reading this). This means mainly two things;

One – the Mayan Prophecies tells us that the world might end.

Two – your future favorite metal band, Human Desolation, is about to release their epic debut album, which due to it's expected impact on humanity may or may not be associated with the above statement about the “end of days”.

Now, we are about to bring you both good and bad news;

The bad news is, that because of many different factors, all beyond our control, we will unfortunately not be able to release the full album on the 21:st of December 2012.

The good news though, is that in our stubborn refusal of letting You – our fans – down, we have managed to prepare one song for release on that date, available through this website only!

So, the countdown has begun. Check back regularly within the next 24 hrs to be among the first to hear the first song off of our upcoming debut album...

24th OCT 2012

Use THIS FORM to pre-order your copy of our upcoming CD (Album and/or Single, Merch, etc).

This is absolutely free and no stings attached - the first edition will be in very limited supply, so this is the only way you can be sure to get it. However, we will contact you when it's available and check if you're still interested, and if not there's no problem...

So no excuses, fill out the form now or risk going without our epic upcoming opus of a debut album!

23rd OCT 2012

That's right; be one of the first to join and get a chance to have our first single signed and shipped to your doorstep FOR FREE once it's out!

All you have to do is subscribe by submitting your name and e-mail in the form to the right -->

And If you don't score our first single, don't worry - everyone subscribed to our mailing list will have dibs on limited material, discounts on selected merch items and CD's, and a lot more, so it will still definitely be worth it!

So do it now, right away, before someone else steals your prize - it takes 10 seconds (literally) and won't cost you a dime...

10th OCT 2012

We just ordered new stickers and business card sized flyers - the latter will be scattered all over town so if you live in Stockholm you probably won't be able to avoid seeing them. However, if you live somewhere else and want to help us spread them out, please contact us so we can send you a bunch of them and you will also have secured your place in the "Thank You" section of our CD booklet! And who knows, maybe there'll be a small surprise along with the package...

The stickers will be available for purchase upon arrival, we'll keep you posted.


8th OCT 2012

The release date for the long awaited debut album is set; your soon-to-be favorite band will Desolate Humanity on the 21:st of December 2012 - so turn your attention our way to witness the destruction first hand!

...and in other news, the album progress checklist is as follows:

Drums - check
Electric guitars - check
Acoustic guitars - check
Bass - underway
Vocals - starting next week

Stay tuned!

11th SEP 2012

Things are going well, recording-wise, eventhough it's taking time to finish... anywho, here's a short, roughly edited video where FreD is giving us an update on the progress. He also explains the process behind the now finished guitar tracking, so beware of tech-talk!

You will also hear a few soundclips from two of the new songs so it's definitely worth checking out if you're curious of the new material.

16th AUG 2012

In order for you to get to know the strangers behind your soon-to-be favorite band, we've put together this trivia post. Below you can find out what the different members like - this first time around the subject is music:

Which album is currently owning your mp3-player?

Kristian Reunanen: Behemoth - Evangelion
Fredrik Danielsson: Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh
Fredrik Iggfors: Parkway Drive - Deep Blue
David Green: Dark Tranquillity - The Gallery
Miika Hakomäki: Times of Grace - Hymn of a Broken Man

Which song, by which band/artist (alive or deceased)
do you wish that you had written yourself?

KR: "Night's Blood" by Dissection
FD: "Pandemic Nation" by Human Desolation... no wait, I did write that!
FI: "Hope Remains" by Times of Grace
DG: "Blackwater Park" by Opeth
MH: "Master of Puppets" by Metallica

Is there an artist or band that you secretly love, but
would rather not tell anyone about (until now)?

KR: Europe
FD: Coheed and Cambria
FI: Broken Note
DG: Ed Sheeran
MH: Lady Gaga

While growing up, say your late teens, which genre were
you mainly pulling towards and which band was your favorite?

KR: Black metal - Immortal
FD: Grunge - Alice in Chains
FI: Rock - Aerosmith
DG: Heavy metal - Led Zeppelin
MH: Thrash metal - Metallica

Which was the first album you remember
buying with your own money?

KR: Mega Dance '95
FD: NoFx - Punk in Drublic
FI: Don't remember
DG: Absolute Music 3
MH: Green Day - Dookie

Which is the best gig/concert you ever saw?

KR: Dissection, Arenan 2004
FD: Primus, Klubben 1998
FI: Parkway Drive, Metal Town 2011
DG: Machine Head, Wacken 2009
MH: Killswitch Engage, Tyrol 2007

Which musician has had the biggest influence
on you through the years?

KR: Jon Nödtveidt (Dissection)
FD: Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah)
FI: Robb Flynn (Machine Head)
DG: Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth, Bloodbath)
MH: James Hetfield (Metallica)

Who's groupie would you least want to be?

KR: Niklas Kvarforth (Shining)
FD: Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe)
FI: Refuse to answer...
DG: Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe)
MH: Justin Bieber

Which three albums would you bring to a desert island,
where you would spend the rest of your life?

KR: Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane
      Europe - The Final Countdown
      Amorphis - Skyforger

FD: Dissection - Reinkaos
      Tool - Ænima
      At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul

FI: Parkway Drive - Deep Blue
      Machine Head - Unto the Locust
      Times of Grace - Hymn of a Broken Man

DG: Opeth - Blackwater Park
      Machine Head - Through the Ashes of Empires
      Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys pt. 2

MH: Opeth - Ghost Reveries
      Times of Grace - Hymn of a Broken Man
      Metallica - Master of Puppets

Which music genre would you say is most appealing to you,
and which band is, according to you, it's best representative?

KR: Melodeath/Black - Dissection
FD: Technical Death Metal - The Faceless
FI: (don't like music, really?)
DG: Progressive Melodeath - Opeth
MH: Metal - Killswitch Engage

There, hope you enjoyed it! If you liked the answers, chanses are very good that you'll also like their upcoming debut album. Since eveyrone is involved in the writing process (more or less) and the fact that they all have quite different musical influences, it will definitely be reflected in the music they create. The new songs have elements from almost all of the above and is a carefully mixed blend of Death Metal, Black Metal, Melodic Metal and well... Metal in general!

Stay tuned, you won't regret it!

9th AUG 2012

...occured this morning when almighty Human Desolation guitarist Fredrik Iggfors made the last finishing touches on the guitar tracks that he and Fredrik Danielsson has spent over six months in the studio, infernally tracking to the extent of their fingers nearly being worn down to the bone!

"-It's been an extremely time and energy consuming process", says Fredrik D, "but considering the result so far, it was well worth the effort. This album has the potential to become something huge if picked up by the right people upon release."

The guitar duo has spent the first half of 2012 at Studio Fodson, owned and operated by Fredrik D, recording a clean DI signal to be "re-amped" at a proper studio within a near future. In short this means that you take the recorded signal, play it through a box which transforms it back to a proper guitar signal, plug it into an amp (or in this case several amps), mic it up and re-record it. This gives you the freedom to choose between different amps, mics, cabs etc to get the perfect sound without having to spend time nailing the songs in an expensive studio that's charging you by the hour. Instead you spend a day or so finding that ultimate combination of gear to bring out the sound that you want, and then you spend another day simultaniously hitting "play" and "record", and voilá - near perfection in the blink of an eye!

Anyway, the date for the re-amping sessions is not yet final, but it will be soon. "first we have to decide which studio to use", says FreD, "we do have a few options and all of them are really good, so we basically just have to pick one".

Meanwhile, David will be starting to record bass, and as soon as that's done it's Kristians turn to lay down the vocals. A few days will also be spent in the studio recording acoustic guitars for a few of the songs. "The recording process is honestly quite far from over, but it's probably safe to say that the toughest, most time consuming parts are nailed and we're definitely getting closer to a finished masterpiece!"

To end this post with a brief hint of what's to come; fourteen songs have been recorded, whereof two are instrumental. Hopefully they'll all make it onto the album, but that'll be decided at a later point...

4th AUG 2012

...if you have Spotify (which if it's avaliable where you live, you definitely should), click the huge "Play"-buton below to hear our releases. We have a total of 14 songs available so don't miss out!

Note: You need to be logged into Spotify for the songs to play...

26th JULY 2012

Hey people, just wanted to let you know we're still working hard on the album - really hard! The guitars are nearly ready for re-amping and we may have a few surprises there for you too.

Actually, I'm not gonna waste time sitting here writing a lot of junk that you don't wanna hear about anyways, so I'm gonna hit the studio to tidy up some tracks and maybe try out some new ideas for one of the songs. Wish me good luck guys, not that I need it, but still...... >;)

Later /FreD

...oh and btw, to all you F n' F n' f'n F's (Friends n' Fans n' f***in' Families) out there - we really do appreciate you contacting us, it's what keeps us going and makes it all worthwhile! Therefore, if it takes us a while to get back to you, please don't take it personal, we basicly just have a shitload of work on our hands, and we all have daytime jobs too, so we simply don't have the time. However, please continue to interact with us and we'll make it worth your while as well!

16th JUN 2012

It's finally here - the FIRST EPISODE of our long awaited STUDIO DIARY! Click below for an eight and a half minute tour through step one of Human Desolation's studio sessions; Drums!

This video is mainly in Swedish, but English subtitles are available when viewed on a computer

-Please enjoy, 'cus we sure did!

16th MAY 2012

Hell yeah! Almighty guitarist and good friend Ralph Santolla (Death, Deicide, Iced Earth, Obituary and RedScream, etc) visited us in the studio last week and put down a KILLER guest solo for one of our songs... we'll tell you all about it later, but know this; it turned out awesome!

13th MAY 2012

Recording an album isn't cheap, especially not an over-the-top, awesomely great one like our upcoming debut! So if you like our music (see the Media-section here on our website for two free songs) and want to hear more, our entire back catalogue is availble dirt cheap for download on iTunes or CDON 'on demand'. If you don't wanna do that, you can support us by generating plays on Spotify.

For whichever method you prefer, we'd be very grateful, and by doing so you'll be helping us by taking us one step closer to bringing our music upon the world.


You can also help us by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, subscribing to our Youtube channel, or just by spreading the word by telling your friends... We also have merch and physical CD's for sale which can be yours - just drop us an email to info@humandesolation.com and we'll get things sorted.

Oh, and btw;
The deadline for entering the photo-contest (originally ending May 1:st) has been extended! So please send your "yourself together with anything HuDes-related" -photo to us ASAP and we'll post it here on our website.

our favourite gets a signed copy of the first press of the album as soon as it's out!

Thank you!

5th MAY 2012

First of all, the recording sessions are going great - we even have a little surprise in store for you all... check back regularly during next week and we guarantee you won't be dissapointed!

Second, last week the Fred's were invited to their old school SAE Institute to attend a seminar with fellow metal colleagues DEGRADEAD, where they talked about their carreer as musicians etc. This was very rewarding, and they turned out to be great guys too;

25th APR 2012

We're currently spending all of our free time (outside our regular daytime jobs) in the studio, recording. Therefore there's little time left to post other things on the web to let you know we're alive and well. Although rest assured we're making huge progress and it'll all be worthwile!

We did however have time to make you a cool desktop background for your computer screen - click thumbnail below to download:


By the way; Part #1 "Drum Sessions" of our Studio Diaries as made by our friend Robin "Lave" Ohlausson @ LAVE MEDIA is due shortly, don't miss it!

11th APR 2012

As the recording of our new album is going really well and it may see the light of day within a somewhat near future, we thought a competition would be in place!

Too keep all of you trusting fans from losing interest, we're announcing a PHOTO CONTEST where your contribution will be posted on our website (unless you really don't want to) and the winner(s) will get a free signed copy of the album once it's out. How does that sound?

All you need to do is take a photo of yourself (or have someone else do it for you) in whatever Human Desolation related scenario you can think of; this could be anything from 'You at a live HuDes-show' to 'You at home, holding up a hand drawn HuDes-logo on a piece of paper',

...and email the picture to us at info@humandesolation.com

NOTE: Now, eventhough we strongly support nudity of all kinds, in this case we may have to either censor the pictures you send us, or not post them at all - however, they are in either case definitely eligible to win the prize. We may even give away bonus gifts for daring photos, so don't hold back!

The contest ends on May 1:st, so bring out your camera and stop wasting valuable time... ;)

28th MAR 2012

During our drum recording sessions we had one or two really great ideas (like sampling Miika occationally playing on a bottle of Scotch single malt instead of the Ride bell), and an absolute shitload of bad, weird, dodgy and utterly stupid ones... like this one;

Also, we've been offered to borrow the following amps to add to the growing list of gear for the re-amping session later on; Mesa Boogie Mark V, EVH 5150 III, and a Peavey XXL... nice, thanks guys! And for the rest of you, if you have an amp that you'd like us to try out (and possibly use on the record), please let us know!


20th MAR 2012

People, first of all, sorry that we haven't kept you updated as promised! We have all been rather busy, both with personal issues, but mainly with the upcoming album, and for that we hope you can forgive us...

Now, for the last couple of days (and ending today) we have been laying down the drum tracks at Soundtrade Studios in Stockholm, where bands like Rammstein, Katatonia, Europe and Mustasch have been before us. Miika has performed splendidly, and we have full confidence that our engineer/producer and good friend Joy Deb will make this album into one of the greatest metal masterpieces of the decade!

Furthermore, the Fredrik's are ferociously tracking guitars at Fodson Studios, and from what we hear it's going really well. The plan is to record a clean or "dry, unprocessed and overall unaffected" DI-signal, and then book an even better studio for "re-amping", where we will gather as many awesome amps as we can get our hands on to produce the meanest guitar sound achievable!

So far we've been offered to borrow the following; Peavey 6505, Framus Cobra, Mesa Boogie Road King, Mesa Boogie Roadster, Randall RM100, Hüghes & Kettner TriAmp, Line 6 HD, Engl Savage, and finally a Fender Twin Reverb for the clean parts... quite the collection, but if you have an amp that you think we should try out and are willing to lend it to us (in exchange for being mentioned in the credits of course), please give us a ring or send us an email.

Ok dudes and dudettes, that's all the info we have to share for the time being. We will post pictures and a few more episodes of our studio diaries as soon as they're available, so stay tuned and we will do a better job at keeping you updated from now on.

/the HD-crew

31st JAN 2012

...the song Afterlife performed live in September last year, during our gig at Nalen in Stockholm where we supported our buddies Monoscream at the release of their debut album Redemption.

The sound quality isn't great, and the aspect ratio is a bit messed up (mainly due to lack of tools and options in iMovie '11), but it's still an awesome song so check it out - it will be featured on our upcoming album, due later this year.


2nd JAN 2012

A new year has begun, and with it comes new responsibilites, but perhaps more importantly - new possibilities! Nonetheless, our goals remain the same; we have been working hard with the material for our upcoming debut album, and it is with great excitement that we now announce that the songs are as good as finished.

Don't hold your breath just yet though, as a few weeks of intense practising remain until we are ready to ignite the fire of recording. Although we would strongly advise you to go out and get yourself a backup stereo, 'cus before you know it we will have blown your speakers out the window!

Who knows, perhaps there is some truth to the Mayan prophecies - will it be us who musically desolates planet earth later this year? Stay tuned and find out...

12th DEC 2011

...Yes indeed, your favourite band is back by popular demand - featured for the second time on Zwaar Metaal, on the Dutch radio station Ground FM.

- THIS TIME IN ENGLISH people, so tune in, and ROCK OUT with us! This Friday, the 16:th of December, between 23:00 and midnight (CET), and with reruns on Saturday and Sunday, same time.

Don't miss this!!

7th DEC 2011

The first two episodes from our studio sessions are uploaded on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

"Part 1 - Pre Production"  &  "Part 2 - Fan Q & A":


29th NOV 2011

...a metal show on the Dutch radio station Ground FM this Friday (Dec 2:rd) from 23:00 to midnight (CET), and with a rerun at the same time on both Saturday and Sunday.

- Listen in through their website, as they'll be playing two of the greatest metal songs of the decade; Serum and Pandemic Nation!

25th NOV 2011

...and we will answer them in our upcoming Video Blog on YouTube!

- Feel free to ask us ANYTHING you want, no question is too dumb, and definitely not too explicit, so don't be shy! ;)

We will need your questions by Friday the 2:nd of December, and you can post it anywhere; via Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message if you're lucky enough to have our phone numbers...

Give us all you've got - the question that makes us the most emberrased, uncomfortable, annoyed, uneasy etc, gets a free T-shirt!

16th NOV 2011

The brand new "Re-Vocalized, Re-Mastered & Re-Released" version of last year's epic opus Project Wasteland is now finally available at Spotify, as well as on iTunes, CDON, Amazon, and similar channels. Click below to have a listen;

5th NOV 2011

You can now find loads of pictures in the MEDIA section... video will be available shortly.


4th NOV 2011

We've put together a Press/Promo-kit mainly consisting of three categories of Pictures (Graphics/Logos, Live and Promo), a few of our most representative Songs, and a Presentation in pdf-format.

3rd NOV 2011

The re-release of our EP from last year, named "Project Wasteland MkII" is now available on iTunes, and will shortly be added to other sources such as Spotify, CDON, Grooveshark, Amazon and Napster as well.

What we've done is that we've removed all the clean vocals (finally) and replaced them with growl and remastered the whole thing. Also, the cover of KsE's "Fixation on the Darkness" is no longer featured either. This release will be available digitally ONLY, meaning you cannot get this as a physical CD (unless you burn it of course).

"The reason for this re-release is that we were never 100% satisfied with how the first version turned out", says guitarist Fredrik Danielsson. "As I've said earlier, the clean vocals were just a half-assed experiment that somehow made it onto the record, but the more we listened to the finished product, the more we realised that it didn't sound the way we wanted HD to sound. This new version, however, is definitely a reflection on what the upcoming album and the overall future of HD will sound like.".

Hence, this kickass re-release... Enjoy!

20th AUG 2011

Yeah you better... Click on the button below to be transferred to our Facebook-page and "like" us there - a simple way to make us very grateful. Besides, it will bring you shitloads of good karma! ;)

07th AUG 2011

Hey guys! Unfortunately we haven't yet had the time to edit nor post any video material from MetalTown, or any other live show for that matter. However, there are videos out there, uploaded mainly by dedicated fans - see links below;



-Pretty cool, huh?

15th JULY 2011

Much has happened since the last update - so much that we haven't had the time to post updates, ironically enough!

For starters the MetalTown gig was a huge success; we've gotten great reviews and further expanded our ever-growing fanbase, for which we couldn't be happier! Pictures and videos will be posted shortly, but as of yet they can be found through our Facebook group:

Human Desolation Official Facebook

ALSO - We have a surprise in store for you all! Cannot tell you what it is just yet, but we have a feeling it will be a highly appreciated "blank" during the wait for our new Album (due early next year)... Stay tuned as updates will be more frequent hereafter!

7th JUNE 2011

It's been a while since we posted a video clip on the internet, meaning the only ones you'd find of us if you go on YouTube etc, are pretty old... until now!

Click the link below to watch a live clip of your favourite metal band perform their new song; "Madworld", recorded live from Harry B James last week on the 29th of May!


26th MAY 2011

This sunday, the 29:th of May, Human Desolation have together with friends Avenir - both on this years roster for MetalTown - put together a gig for all of you who want a preview of what is yet to come... follow link for details;

MetalTown Pre-Party @ Cityrock @ Harry B James

20th MAY 2011

Human Desolation's sub-page at metaltown.se is updated with a new and much better band photo (taken by friend and official photographer Martin Fredriksson), a Spotify link, etc... check it out, and don't forget to "like" us!

Human Desolation @ Metaltown.se

15th MAY 2011

Three different kinds of shirts are now available for 150 SEK each (about €15 or $20 + postage);

T-shirt (S,M,L,XL,XXL)
Lady Tee (S,M,L)
Tank Top (S,M,L)

We've also put together a complete package including your choice of shirt, the "Project Wasteland" EP, our first demo, a sawblade-logo sticker, and a guitar pick - for only 200 SEK (about €20 or $25);

Place your order through info@humandesolation.com and let us know if you want anything signed! ;)

13th MAY 2011

It's been a while since the last update, but not due to lack of news - on the contrary we've been busier than ever! Played a couple of shows, one supporting Sectu at their release gig together with Diabolical. Did a few interviews and two photo shoots, so expect new promo pics of your favourite rock stars shortly... ;)

On top of that stickers, t-shirts and a kick-ass backdrop has arrived, while more merch is on it's way...

Four more gigs are also booked within the upcoming month;

May 23:rd @ Stampen
May 29:th @ Harry B James
June 10:th @ Broder Tuck
June 18:th @ METALTOWN

See ya there......!

13th APR 2011

An updated list of this years line-up is out:

12th APR 2011

Not much has happened lately; a few gigs got cancelled and another record deal was denied due to it not being what we're looking for. So in the meantime the band has focused on rehearsing and finalizing the new material and generally preparing for MetalTown. This also lead to the decision to hit the studio in August - this time probably to record our first full length Album! Stay tuned for more info...

14 MAR 2011

Yeah, due to lack of other news, here's a picture from when Human Desolation went down to IF Studios in Gothenburg, to hang out with In Flames in early December last year. It was a helluva trip to say the least, and damn that 37 year old "In Flames Whisky" tasted like tiny drops tapped straight out of heaven... or hell, whichever is better!? Haha!

7th MAR 2011

One of Europe's biggest rock magazines Rock Sound featured a review of Project Wasteland in their latest issue (April 2011);

"...there are alot of melodic death metal bands from Stockholm, and most of them sound like In Flames. Human Desolation are no different..."

- Make of that what you will, but being compared to melodeath mastodons In Flames can hardly be a bad thing?! "it's always great to get feedback on ones work, regardless of whom it's from" says guitarist Fredrik Danielsson, "however given that we've gotten reviews before that said the exact opposite (in a very good way; www.joyzine.se), it forces you to concider the source, and in this case the latter is, to me, the most trustworthy - mainly due to what style/general musical direction the reviewer seem to have."

25th FEB 2011

Again "Murdered Music" has proven their worth by getting us another possible record deal. As of yet we do not know what this particular label have to offer, but we'll see soon enough..

As always; stay tuned as updates will keep coming frequently!

17th FEB 2011

The gig at Metaltown 2011 is now indeed official; click the logo below to check out your favourite band, way up there with the big ones...

13th FEB 2011

Damn straight, yours truly was played on Swedens own "Bandit Rock Radio 106.3 FM" last Tuesday! Now bring on that record deal so we can release our music upon the world and go on tour...

8th FEB 2011

The promo-deal HuDes signed with the guys at "Murdered Music" has proven to be a successful choice, since it has led to one record deal offer within the first week of active promotion alone. This particular label wants to release Human Desolation's debut album, which is awesome - The band will however wait to see what the future brings, but it's a huge bite off the self-esteem apple for sure!

Stay tuned for more updates, we'll keep you posted...

3rd FEB 2011

The guys has, after months of serious consideration, taken the decision to no longer write, nor perform clean vocals - at least for the time being. "We did it as an experiment on Project Wasteland to begin with, not counting on including them on the EP even while recording them" says guitarist Fredrik Danielsson. "both me and Iggfors [who both sings on the record] feel that it steals focus from the performing act, and besides that we all agree that it does not reflect the true core of our music".

The new songs currently being written are quite a bit faster, heavier and over all more "hard core" (not referring to the sub genre). The band is convinced that this will be a huge improvement to the whole concept that is Human Desolation. You'll see...

2nd FEB 2011

NO JOKE! Due to the news presented in the prior message, H.D. will perform on the Close-Up stage at this years edition of the Metaltown festival in Gothenburg, taking place on June 17-18. We'll be "stagemates" with bands such as At the Gates, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, KoRn and System of a Down, so this is something you definitely DON'T want to miss!

Click the logo below for details on the festival and how to get your ticket:

1st FEB 2011

H.D. is featured in this months issue of Scandinavias biggest and best metal magazine "CLOSE-UP!", calling us "Best in Sweden" in their review of "Project Wasteland" - thank you very much!! Subscribers to the mag will also be happy to hear that yours truly also has a song ("Serum") on the enclosed CD, for your listening pleasure...

- So if you haven't already, pick up your copy today!

31st JAN 2011

That's right, your favourite band has signed a promotion deal with Coroner Records sub-department Murdered Music. This means that we can focus all our time and energy on writing new material, rehearsing and playing live, instead of spamming record labels, etc...

Click the logo below to check out the Promo-page they've created for us:

30th JAN 2011

Due to renovations at La Rustica, all Hellbar gigs are cancelled until further notice. However, Human Desolation will play live at Pub Anchor on Thursday February 3rd - DO NOT MISS THIS!

28th JAN 2011

Don't forget that you can support us by hearing/downloading/purchasing our songs through the following channels (among many others) - and help spread the word to everyone you know:


09th JAN 2011

Back by popular demand!

Human Desolation will once again perform a vicious live show at Hellbar / Klubb Valross in Sundbyberg on February 5th 2011 - this time together with Black Magic Fools (gbg) and the all female death metal act Frantic Amber (sth).

Don't miss this!!

Please visit the following link for more details:


See ya there suckers!

/FreD + the HuDes crew

10th NOV 2010

That's right, the band will be played tonight on the French online radio station Radio Metal's program "High Hopes" - a way for unsigned bands to be heard throughout the world. Tune in between 8 PM and 10 PM (GMT+1) to hear your idols on the air...

21st SEP 2010

2 gigs now announced, our releaseparty at Hellbar and a gig at Harry B James.
You can find more info about the gigs under Tour Dates at www.myspace.com/humandesolation



21st SEP 2010
Our new EP "Project Wasteland" is now also available at Spotify!


08th AUG 2010

Our 2nd EP "Project Wasteland" is finally available.
contact humandesolation@gmail.com to recieve your copy!

05th JUL 2010
Got the latest masters of PWEP a few days ago, and it seems we are all 100% satisfied... and you all know what this means?!

- The new EP will hit production VERY soon!!! :)
As you may already have noticed, there's a short preview/teaser uploaded here on myspace for all you less patient fans (no, that's definitely not a bad thing - we're pretty damn eager to finish it ourselves)!

Also, for those of you who have a facebook account, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add us on www.facebook.com/humandesolation to keep supporting us on our way to world domination!!!

/FreD + the rest of the HuDes Crew

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